San Jose homemade costume for children: How to do it step by step [PHOTOS]

San Jose costume for children: How to do it. Temperatures have dropped, the snow is beginning to be noticed and the lights glow in the fir trees and in the streets of cities, indicating that the Christmas and it is fast approaching and we have just around the corner. It is time to start the preparations for the holidays and also the house decoration, food or nougat, think in kids costumes for different celebrations. The choice can be difficult, so it never fails turn to the classics, such as character Saint Joseph. Want to know how to get a costume San Jose making it yourself?

Traditional Christmas characters typical scenes are preferred by children and adults to dress up for Christmas. This time we give you some tips so you can make the costume San Jose in your own home without much effort.

San Jose costume for boys

Time and money are two key factors when choosing a costume and do it. The good thing about homemade costumes is that you can get for very little money but it is also important to be made in a simple way and do not give us many headaches.

Follow these instructions and you'll get a costume of San Jose that meets both requirements.

  • Like when you dress up in pastorcito, the tunica It is one of the key parts. You need two large pieces of fabric. One can be beige and dark brown other, for example. The clearer you have to sew the robe for your son and darkest will use as a layer to be placed over one shoulder and cross.
  • To make it easier to cross and, at the same time, improve the appearance of disguise, you can put a brown rope around the waist of the child as belt.
  • Get a piece of cloth smaller than the others and holding it over his head Make this a hair band also in brown or yellow.
  • The flips flops Brown leather are the best option, though, when you consider how cold it is in Spain, maybe it would be best to put any brown shoes.
  • One of the most characteristic features of San Jose is the beard. There are several options for her, since you can buy a black or brown beard in some specializing in costume or you can paint it directly on the face store. Perhaps the latter is the most convenient option for the child, as the false beard just falling.
  • He walking stick It depends on the child's age. With a wooden rod worth, but if the child is very small it may be appropriate not pass it, because it can be dangerous.

You have a perfect costume San Jose for children, with whom you can go to any function or party. You see, little complicated and materials can be easily found, so much money is saved.

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