Dukan cruise phase: Duration and allowed foods

How long and what foods allowed on the cruise phase of the Dukan diet are? The answer is the key to meeting the objectives of this second stage diet. We note that from now the diet is not so strict food in question.

If you are reading this that means, almost certainly, you've already passed the first phase of the Dukan diet-the phase of attack, possibly the most complicated. In this second phase, as we shall see, the diet will be a little less demanding. Not to forget that the Dukan diet is a hypocaloric diet phased, therefore we must try to meet as far as possible, the premises established for each of them. The objective is lose weight and at the same time avoiding it back at the end of the diet. Let's see how long it lasts more closely and what foods allowed and banned from this second phase, the cruise phase are.

Unlike the attack phase in which the richest protein foods prevailed in the cruise phase will incorporate vegetables, in large quantities and varieties, the weekly diet. It is advisable to alternate the consumption of vegetables and proteins (Vegetables and meat), reserving one-day diet to eat only protein, as in the previous phase to reinforce the effect of diet. Incorporate new foods to the diet we will certainly some air, especially if you like to eat vegetables.

Each person depending on the duration of this phase will be higher or lower. The goal is to reach our ideal weight and it is estimated that during this phase may lose some five kilos in one month. Although the effects in this second phase are not so visible at first, do not get discouraged at all because, of course, when we start a diet is always easier to lose the first kilos.

Dukan cruise phase: allowed foods

During this second phase of the Dukan diet can continue to eat the foods allowed in the first phase (attack), such as lean meats, eggs or fat dairy. From now on we can add vegetables and vegetables. We can take the raw or cooked, in the amount we want and when we want.

Within the list of vegetables that we can take include the tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli, cucumber, Garlic, radishes, fennel, spinach, green beans, eggplants, Peppers, endives, celery or chard. you can also take mushrooms, carrot and beets. Yes, no type of vegetable that we can not still take at this stage of the diet. This is called plant starchy and they are included within the forbidden food.

There is a food that is still protagonist. This is the oat bran. It is advisable to take two tablespoons a day, among others because it is satiating and helps us control appetite between. It is also an excellent source of fiber. Similarly, another tip for this phase is to practice physical exercise, for example, walking at least half an hour a day.

Cruise phase Dukan diet: forbidden foods

Foods that should not incorporate still included the rice, the vegetables (Lentils, beans, peas), corn or potatoes and the artichokes. At the moment, we can not take a bite of the fruit, but quiet, the next phase will come to enjoy more food. You should also avoid sauces or dressings with too much oil. It is better to opt for the balsamic vinegar, basil and black pepper to flavor dishes.

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