Vicky Pattinson miracle diet Geordie Shore: Only five weeks

Want to know what the Vicky Pattinson secret Geordie Shore to have passed the size 48 to 36 in just five weeks? Here are the keys to its miracle diet, with which he has managed to radically change its image and look again figure.

Vicky Pattinson, star of Geordie Shore, has decided to radically change her image, and that has gone through lose the extra kilos. In fact, it has gone from size 48 to 36 in record time, in just five weeks thanks to a miraculous diet basically consists of eating healthy and ensure the widest possible selection of food. The results of weight loss are really amazing, achieving the goal of winning the battle on the scale. If you want to know what this miracle diet, read on.

To get back in shape and retrieve the line and size 36, she opted for a quick weight loss diet, based primarily on natural food, as eat lots of vegetables (Also fruits, although less). Diet accompanied a few minutes of exercise every day (for your exercise plan, hired a personal trainer). As Vicky told Pattinson, the star of reality Geordie Shore, the secret of their diet is Eat Healthy, avoiding white bread or packaged and calorie sandwiches, "as many vegetables, which are full of natural nutrients," said Vicky. Only a sacrifice, not be swayed by cravings or snacking between meals.

The result of this miracle diet is that Vicky is very thin and super toned, ready to return to shine and show off a spectacular body.

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