Uterine Prolapse: Causes and Symptoms

Note as a kind of lump hovering in the vagina is the main signal uterine prolapse, a problem that can appear at any time and any age, both women youth and maturity. What are your Causes and its symptom more frequent?

What is prolapse? It is the first question that needs to be done. In medical terms, prolapse occurs when muscles of the pelvic organs They weaken and descend down to excel. Prolapse can be uterus, from bladder or straight. Besides annoying, prolapse can also cause incontinence. We are facing a nuisance that can occur at any time and to women, as we shall see, we are exposed in different stages of life. Can it be prevented? Yes, and you can try.

In step more mature, the cause of this weakening in women has to do with the reduction of estrogen. This causes loss elasticity tissue, preventing the proper clamping of organs, especially in the genital musculature. Not only women who have been mothers They are more prone to this ailment, also women who have not had children, since prolapse may occur for making for a very long time (several years) physical work involving heavy lifting. The musculature pelvic area, such as women know, should care for and strengthen it. The best ally, specific exercise, as Kegel exercises or abdominal hipopresivos. It also helps if you are pregnant, practicing Pilates.

Uterine Prolapse Symptoms

Not all women have clear symptoms. In fact, in some cases, the prolapse may go unnoticed to a gynecological examination routine. In these cases, treatment is usually not necessary, simply just start practice a series of specific exercises to strengthen the genital muscles and slow the progression of prolapse.

One of the clearest signals prolapse, palpate a small package Looming by vulva. Other symptoms that may occur are inconvenience when performing everyday movements such as walking. If we notice a sense of weight in the pelvic area can also be a warning sign.

As we have noted, the prolapse can lead couple other associated complaints such as urinary incontinence or urine leakage.

Uterine Prolapse: Treatment

The doctor will determine the most appropriate type of treatment. There are several options, from recovering the pelvic floor physiotherapy a surgical intervention. Thus, for example, when the uterus is healthy and the woman decided not to have more children you can perform surgery via laparoscopic which allows to preserve this body. For young women who do want to have children it is also the option of placing a kind of silicone ring to support the musculature. You can also perform surgery vaginally to reposition organs.

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