Crochet headbands: Free Patterns [PHOTOS]

How to crochet headbands, step by step. Would you like to pick your hair in an original way? Next, we explain in detail how you can create your own crochet headband.

We started the review of the work of explaining to crochet, step by step, how you can develop a headband crochet in simple steps. The first of our proposals is focused on the kids in the house, because we'll show you how to create a crochet baby headband with a small amount of yarn or soft wool.

How to make a crochet baby headband

For this work you need the following materials: yarn or string color, crochet, tapestry needle and a ruler.

Before starting the work you need to have ready the following materials: knitting needles 8 mm, wool according to the thickness of the needles crochet needle wool and scissors..

Development, step by step: First, you must mount 8 points in the knitting needle having the edge points. This headband that we present is completely woven knit 1X1.

We started with the rows. Between rows 1 to 8, weaves 1X1 Ribbed weaving always the last point, we refer to the edge point, backwards for a chainstitch finish the edges.

We now continue with the row No. 9. It continues knitting a knit 1X1, increasing in the fourth and fifth point. Met now rows 10 to 14. In these, you must knit a knit 1X1. Repeats the operation from the die 9, rising one point in each of the center points of row 20 until the needle points. That is, you must increase 12 points in total. During this operation not forget sequence knit 1X1.

Then woven fabric 19 straight rows, however, the total of rows can vary depending on the size of the head. In the next row decreases two points in the middle of the die. Now knit 5 rows in knit 1X1. Repeat these last two steps for 5 more times. That is, you must reduce 12 points and you again have 8 points on the needle.

Besides these do not miss the following tasks crochet among which you can learn how to make crochet baby boots, purses crochet or crochet beaded bracelets.

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