Drop tabs: causes and remedies for this type of alopecia

Alopecia, or premature hair loss, not only affects the head, because it can also fall on the eyebrows and eyelashes, not only an aesthetic problem, as it can reveal some disorder Health. What are the causes and remedies to prevent loss of eyelashes? Interestingly not usually pay due attention to the Health tabs, which play an essential role. As we will see, there are some bad habits that weaken the eyelashes, protective eye health. Certain factors may cause them to rupture, including deficit of some nutrients Basic Principles for the body. He stress and the hormonal changes also be behind his downfall. To avoid this type of alopecia we can implement some simple tips.


Related causes loss of eyelashes are manifold. Let's look more closely, what are the most common.

  • Makeup: Excessive loss of eyelashes may be related to the habit of eye makeup every day. Input, always choose quality cosmetics and correctly use makeup tools to keep tabs. It is also advisable to completely remove makeup before going to bed. In some cases it may also result from an allergic reaction to cosmetics, must be subsequently change the type of product.
  • Hormonal changesIn some periods, like the menstrual cycle and menopause, the tabs tend to fall more easily due to hormonal changes.
  • Nutrient deficiency: For a strong eyelashes it is also important to take care diet. In this case, a diet rich in vitamin A (carrots, green leafy vegetables, milk), vitamin B (pork liver, eggs), vitamin E (vegetable oils, broccoli, spinach, almonds, walnuts) and omega 3 (anchovies , salmon, seafood).
  • Stress: As with hair loss often lash loss is caused by stress. The frenetic rhythms can affect the health of the body, causing a lot of damage, including causing this type of alopecia.


Among the remedies to help strengthen lashes can include:

  • Reduce makeupIf the problem is caused by too much makeup or use cosmetics poor quality, try to avoid makeup every day or at least for a certain period of time. It is also important to remove makeup every night.
  • Wash your face: A good facial cleansing to ensure hygiene is essential. Sometimes the eyelash loss is caused by bacteria that live in the eyelids.
  • Gently use the eyelash curler: Failure to properly use the eyelash curler may damage the tabs, especially if they are already weak.
  • Avoid touching your face oftenThe hands can be a vehicle for transmitting bacteria. For this reason, avoid touching the face continuously if you have not washed before hands and even scratching or pressing to remove pimples, as the bacteria deposited on the hands can come into contact with the eyes and eyelids.

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