caked hair: Tips to avoid

Having a hair loose and moving is a pleasure, but not all women have the luck to enjoy it. Who have a fat and thin hair every day we face a lifeless hair caked ruin even the most beautiful haircut, and even if we have endeavored to give an actual color. If you want to say goodbye to him forever, do not miss these tricks to avoid hair matted.

Tricks to avoid hair matted

  1. Just with greasy hair. Oily hair is probably the main cause of caking of your hair. He excess fat It causes the hair to bind together and form a single unit, preventing movement that gives life to a mane and stealing all their vigor. So, the first thing to do is hold off opting for oily hair appropriate products and, of course, using all natural remedies that will help you solve your problem.
  2. Revitalizing face masks. In addition to the specific products for oily hair, there special masks created exclusively to end the problem of hair matted. In fact, they are able to revitalizing, strengthening and body hair fibers to give a touch of life that is so lacking.
  3. Rinse it well. Every time you wash your hair or that you apply a mask must rinse with plenty of warm water so there are no remains. A very widespread custom is to provide a light rinse to maintain some of the properties of the product, but the effect achieved is exactly the opposite: the hair fibers can not oxygenate properly and residues components favor the accumulation of fat in the scalp , worsening the situation.
  4. The mask before shampooing. Have you noticed that the mask favors the appearance of oily hair? Maybe the problem is in the order when applying products. We recommend that you try to use the mask just before washing your hair to remove all traces of a stroke and get the same result.
  5. Dry with the head down. Another mistake we often make is to dry our hair in an upright position, ie, in its natural direction. However, this makes the hair is compact and does not have one iota of movement. Therefore, the ideal is that you bow down and throw your hair forward to dry. With this you get him volume and more proficiently.
  6. Plánchalo layers. Although it is not advisable to abuse the plates, the truth is that it is a great ally to combat hair matted. It simply layered board your hair to hide it, because it will get you movement increases significantly. Yes, you should consider iron it always horizontally, because doing down the effect could even be the opposite. When you're done, you put your fingers up to the scalp and shake a bit to check looseness. You will notice the difference!

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