Cowboy costume for boys: How do [PHOTOS]

Cowboy costume for boys: how. The costumes luciremos carnival which are becoming a growing concern that runs more quickly clarify whether not want to get back to catch the bull as sure has happened other years. Costumes children are always one of the biggest headaches and agreement between mother and child is usually very difficult to achieve. His tastes and fashions often conflict with the economic issue or the time it takes to disguise, so discussions are common. The secret is to combine the interests of both parties, getting cowboy costume. Here's what the main steps to make it.

Among the favorite costumes kids can find many characters, and one of the classics that continues to thrive is the cowboy. The rivalry between the Indians and Cowboys in the struggle for the conquest of the American West is a recurring theme in fiction, so it is still present in the costumes.

How to make a cowboy costume

The best homemade costumes by rapid development and require little money are those who use garments or items you already have at home, and child cowboy costume is a perfect sample.

So you can get a cowboy outfit with your child will be perfect.

  • The jeans They are one of the hallmarks of jeans, so you do not have to buy anything new, but it will be worth your child with the most worn jeans have put.
  • A shirt checkered flannel can be the perfect complement for those pants, and you'd have the basis of disguise.
  • A jacket fringed or vest garments are ideal to put on the shirt and make the air of the old west.
  • classical boots Cowboy are usually imitated for regular shoes, so maybe your child has some that resemble them. In case you have not, simply any pair of brown boots.
  • He hat Cowboy and handkerchief They halterneck are two supplements that would be for the costume is the perfect cowboy suit.
  • Of course, you can not forget the weapons, so get a toy gun will be critical, although it is very easy to find and costs very little money, so you do not have to worry.

The element that perfectly complements this costume is the Indian costume, which can also be easily made at home, so if two brothers or your child has a close friend who attend the same party, can be very funny one we view each character.

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