Where to make love: All places

What are the best places to make love? There are many places where couples can unleash the passion and set aside the monotony of their relationships. Getting out of bed and try new places can be a great way to innovate and rekindle the passion.

Places to make love

The question is What sites we can make love? No need to think only in public places to have new experiences, as there are many places not so in view of the rest, sure that we have not yet tested ... also do it in a public place implies that we can be surprised at any time, which is exciting for some people for others not because they can feel cut, which will prevent you to focus and enjoy.

For starters, if you are the type who has trouble leaving the comfort of the bed, try to make love on the couch. Surprise your partner when you are watching TV and encourage to innovate with new intimate positions. An ideal place for a passionate encounter, or two, or three place&# 8230;

Do it anywhere in the house

See your home and check imagination, sure there are many sites that you find interesting. The kitchen is usually one of the favorite places to meet some fantasy: flat on the washer on the table ... and if you want to put a little more playfulness into history, Pour yourself some food with which you can play with your partner. You can see the 10 most effective aphrodisiac foods. Water can also be very exciting ... Foam filled bathtub, put a few candles and enjoy. A pool, a Jacuzzi (eye, there are considerations to take into account), or even the shower can also be perfect places to make love and have fun playing in the water.

Having sex outdoors

Another idea is to organize a picnic and preparing a special picnic. Spread a blanket, starts with some wine or champagne, a strawberries and cream&# 8230; and rest is your thing. Nor can we forget the car so helpful. You may making love in a car mildly uncomfortable, but it can also be very exciting, and if not remember the Titanic scene in which Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet have intimate relationships in a car&# 8230;

In the office

They just go all out and leaves you alone in the office suddenly Your boyfriend shows up with flowers and passion jumps like in the movies. Or even better, you work together and know a corner by not passing anyone&# 8230; leave it at that&# 8230; Yes, watch out not to be discovered, we will no disgust or you are the center of attention for a long time.

An intimate encounter in cinema

The film is a lugar very convenient for fondling, frictions and even have sex; Yes, you heard right, what if you discover? There is the lure exciting secret. Pick a little blockbuster movie, those who do not see hardly anyone and at a late hour, will reduce the chances of being seen. If at the end you've pulled back and do not want to do it there, you always have at your disposal privacy, not comfort, the public toilet next door. And this is when we started to miss the bed forever, right?

Making love in the elevator

Let's close this list of places to make love, which could well be endless, speaking of the elevator. You may have seen or not the film 50 Shades of Gray, but surely the scene kissing in the elevator first ring a bell. In addition, they say to do in an elevator that stops casually is one of the Preferred of them fantasies. You dare?

Sure that these suggestions have given you many more ideas to make love with your partner, so go and make your own scene.

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