Cross tattoos for women: Top [PHOTOS]

If you like tattoos, today I propose the best tattoos of crosses for women. Visit our photo gallery and discover the best tattoo designs crosses and rosaries tattoo. Join one of the major trends tattoos for women.

The cross is undoubtedly the most famous religious symbol worldwide, valid for most religions, representing since time immemorial life, immortality, fertility and marriage of heaven and earth. Has become one of the most sought after designs among women to get tattooed by its meaning and its size because it is one of the few tattoos It supports a small design without losing charm.

The neck is one of the favorite places for women because you can cover with hair, this is a good option for those who do not ye show your tattoo or wish that is always something a little more intimate and not so visible.

The next zone more chosen after back is the hand, wrist, fingers&# 8230; usually the site of choice for small designs or tattoos minimal. In this case it is small, usually a detail finger or side of the hand or wrist crosses.

Tattoos with rosaries

A variant of tattoos of crosses are rosaries tattoo, many celebrities have put fashionable. At first they became popular among the players, who wore them as a rosary tattooed on his chest hung; Today there are different variants of designs with rosaries that succeed among women as rosaries as a bracelet or anklet or fashionable tendency consisting of a small rosary on the finger like a ring.

If you like tattoos, do not forget to take a look at the photo gallery with the best tattoo designs crosses and do not miss these articles on tattoos for women on foot and most fashionable tattoo designs for women.

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