How to make a patchwork tablecloth [PHOTOS]

Patchwork work: Making a tablecloth. Do you like crafts? This time, we focus on patchwork work. Then, We show you how to create a tablecloth for your home.

How to make a patchwork tablecloth, step by step

materials: Tape measure, square fabric, a sewing machine, material for split rear, scissors, cardboard, paper fabric, needle, thread, iron and an ironing board.

ElaborationFirst, measure your table by adding about 30 cm. measures. Then calculates the size of patches for your tablecloth dividing the width of your mantel for four. Repeat this process with long. For patches choose different colors and designs. Make a cardboard template the size you want to have your patches. Place the template on the reverse side of the fabric and draw around it with a pencil to fabric. Then cut patches. Aside on the ground to decide how that will distribute on the tablecloth.

Now the end patches sewn end in longitudinal strips and then sews the joined strips. Create a hem of 0.30 cm. around the edge of the tablecloth. Then cut a piece of cloth the size of your tablecloth. This fabric must be reserved for the back of your patchwork tablecloth. Now joins right sides of patchwork and fabric to the back. Sew them, leaving a seam of 1.5 cm. until an opening of 20 cm. Material passes through the opening to expose the right side. Then sew the opening. Finally, iron the fabric and sewing machine all edges to reinforce the seams.

How do patchwork placemats

To create this simple patchwork placemat you'll need the following tools: A rotating knife, ruler, pins, sewing machine, a pen of water, iron, thread and needle. Regarding the materials only you need fabric patchwork.

Development, step by step: First, you must cut the size patchwork fabric you want to have your placemat. Then turn is prepared strips side tablecloth. To do this, you must cut them to length that you want to have your work patchwork. Then you must put all the pieces of patchwork to check they fit well. Once you've checked that all fit together properly is time, then, sew them. When things the corners, we recommend you check first with the pen water area for which you have to sew. Also you should leave 2 cm margin.

Ayúdate also water pen to mark the areas of the tablecloth you decided quilting. To end your placemat is only patchwork kill. For corners you must go up and down a little fabric and check that it does not protrude. Remember not to sew the corners since then have to sew a hidden stitch.

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