Smooth hair: How to give volume?

Smooth hair: How to give volume? The appearance of hair is one of the issues that most concern to women, since it is one of the most crucial elements in the appearance of our day. The objective pursued with hair care is, in most cases, the get shiny hair volume and life, all signs of a healthy hair and very careful. When hair is too smooth Y fine, it is very difficult to achieve this goal and often gives the impression of being "crushed" and disembodied. If your hair meets these characteristics, here are a few tips to give volume.

If you have very thin and completely straight hair and want to get a hair-bodied and healthy and alive look, you can use some simple tips for always perfect.

Wash the hair

To get to volume an excessively straight hair, the process begins when washing your hair.

  • The products you use should contain components such as soy lecithin, he collagen wave keratin. All contribute to increasing thickness hair and, therefore, will help your appearance is more voluminous.
  • If you have oily hair also very thin, we need to look when buying hair products and choose those containing panthenol.
  • As he shampoo as the conditioner They should be very soft. They are especially recommended everyone with herbs or proteins, as well the formation of fat in the hair, which gives more weight should be avoided and therefore helps to have a more decayed appearance.

How to choose the products we use to wash our hair is essential to achieve results in a short period of time.

In addition to these aspects, you must take into account that for optimum appearance, the haircut should be adequate. To achieve volume, the best is a layered haircut, but this decision, who can advise you best is your hairstylist habitual.

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