Houseplants: How to decorate with plants [PHOTOS]

Who has not ever had a plant to decorate a part of the house and make it look a more natural way? But not all plants can be used as Interior decorative plants. In this article we want you to know what those plants best suited to the conditions inside a house are. In addition, we have prepared a photo gallery with some ideas for decorating with houseplants your home.

Indoor plants for home

There are many people who have chosen some time to buy a pot, some soil and plant themselves their own garden at home. The problem is that often do not know that not everything can be planted indoors and that some of the flowers that we most like to have in our room is very likely to shrivel due to lack of light or weather conditions.

Having a plant at home gives many possibilities. Not only the satisfaction that when we get to sprout and that next season will be born again as pretty flower that we were sad to lose without being able to transplant. Which does not wither, think about where to place it, be aware of your care or even redecorating the pot crafts to our liking and as is consistent with our house are some things we can do for a plant.

However not all plants used to decorate the house, either because they need more light, more shade or other outdoor plants, It does not serve any type of plant to decorate the interior of your home.

Outdoor plants need a care that do not necessarily need the interior. The humidity, lighting and location of them is very important, but this does not indicate that houseplants this is not important, it's just different.

Plants recommended to be indoors and care

As we have been saying throughout the article, there is a clear difference between outdoor plants and indoor for the necessary care with regard to moisture and light mainly. Here we will list what the most beautiful plants inside to get indoors and their basic care:

Decorated with flower plants

  • orchidsThis type of plants live between 3 and 7 years, flourishing two or three times a year. The Bloom is durable. Once the flowers are wilted pruning is recommended. The temperature for this plant must not be extreme nor that is exposed to air currents. Also you need abundant light (Not direct sunlight) and humidity.
  • Azalea: This plant needs high humidity. But watering must be constantly careful not to overdo it and encharcarla. It's good spraying their leaves and flowers so they do not wilt soon. They need good lighting avoiding direct light. They are also very good for the outside.
  • Violet: Can produce flowers throughout the year. It requires bright but away from direct sunlight. They should not lose less than 12 ° temperature. It is important that water does not come into contact with the leaves as these can be covered with mold, it is best to place the pot in a bowl and pour this water to the plant itself will absorb the water you need.
  • Geranium: Although outdoor plants They can be grown indoors if you have lots of light. They need plenty of light, even directly from the sun. You need to be watered at least 2-3 times a week in summer while in winter their frequency may be lower. It withstands high temperatures.
  • begonias: They need lots of light but not direct sun. To grow properly must be kept around 18 degrees. Must be watered one to two times a week in summer and once every ten days or so in winter.

Flowerless plants decoration

  • rubber plantThis type of plant has perfect conditions of light and moisture when is between 13º and 24ºC. As for the form of watering in summer it must be watered a little every day. It can also survive outside without being exposed to direct sunlight. Do not tolerate sudden changes in temperature. They are very decorative and easy to care for plants. If you like, do not miss Decorate with ficus: Ideas and care [PHOTOS]
  • Aloe vera: is a plant that supports very well the cold, although not moisture. The potted plant where it must have good drainage so you can breathe and moisture to accumulate. It must be watered slightly, about once a week during periods of high temperatures.
  • Tropical plants without flowers: one of the styles of interior design trend is the chic tropical decor, inviting you to decorate your home colorful tropical plants without flowers with large green leaves that make your home look like a tropical garden. The indoor palms, elephant trunk, Calateas varieties, trunk of Brazil (dacanea marginata) or philodendron are some of the plants that you can use to decorate your home. Each needs specific care, but generally all need moisture, bright and warm temperatures.
  • Succulents and cactuses: succulents and cacti are perfect for decorating the home. They are perfect for indoor terrariums or centerpieces for receiving guests. In addition, they are very easy to care for: only they need to be in a lighted area and sporadic watering. Ideal for those who do not have time to care for plants!

Do not hesitate and Put a little color in your home with any of these houseplants. His care is easy and growth and very pleasing image.

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