Boots Fall / Winter 2014-2015: The best models [PHOTOS]

Boots Fall / Winter 2014-2015: The best models.. Footwear is as important as the clothes. For the 2014/2015 autumn and winter boots and shoe boots are essential. Depending on the occasion you can take a few models or others. Boots and casual style boots let them everyday and designs with heel to leave. When choosing a boot booty and you must wear socks or stockings (depending on what you are going to use) to be coupled perfectly to the foot.

For the autumn-winter 2014/2015 are carried Different types of boots: Bikers, classic tip, with heel, flat&# 8230; The boots are worn cowboy style, musketeers, with heel, flat or riding. The finishes are multiple: skin, hair, patent leather, embossed, snake&# 8230, then boots and boots more fashionable you count&# 8230;

* biker boots: moteros style booties are flat or with thick rubber sole. Often they carry details of zippers, buckles, chains and studs. They are ideal for everyday looks and give a casual touch to your outfits.

* musketeer boots: The high boots are ideal to wear with skirts or short dresses. They are very high so help us keep your legs warm, besides being a very sexy footwear.

* Botines tip: tip shoes are overall trend. Opt for leather boots with pointed finish punching or zippers. Pointed boots lengthen and stylize our figure. They can also wear heels.

* Boots with heels: Heeled boots are perfect both for work and to dress. If you choose a model boot out the heel is fine and if they are boots every day better opt for a not so high and wide heel.

* Treads Mountain: more sport boots are mountain style. They are ideal models for casual looks. Mountain boots carry style lace hooks on the front and its floor is rubber.

Choose the model you like and that best suits your needs. Visit our gallery to see the best models of the season.

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