Taylor Swift: breast augmentation rumors [PHOTOS]

Taylor Swift: breast augmentation rumors. Country singer Taylor Swift, It may have been the last to join the list of young artists who have undergone surgery for breast increased. All these rumors have jumped on U.S after a few photos that you can see the ex-girlfriend Taylor Lautner walking with some friends a navy style dress, where truth, it seems that it has increased its size bra. They have already left several doctors and specialists in cosmetic surgery saying it is obvious that the singer has done a breast augmentation.

Taylor Swift he was not among the top ten necklines in history, ranking it produced few weeks Wonderbra lingerie firm makes. It may therefore has decided to undergo surgery and increase a bra sizes to show off a larger bust.

The truth is that the singer wore a most stylized silhouette and he did not hesitate to get in necklines when making public appearances or settling on the best red carpet, as the last in the Country Music Awards.

So rumors have begun to unravel and have already been several doctors and specialists in plastic surgery and aesthetic as Dr. Richard Fleming Speaking to Hollywood Life website, they have stated that it is clear that increased breast being proportional to its silhouette.

So it seems that Taylor Swift You might have tired of his little bulky figure and decided to get more chest to show off a more striking necklines upcoming public appearances in which we see.

Now the question is whether his legion of fans will be happy with this operation or preferred to country singer as natural and simple as it was before. Do not miss the photos and tell us your opinion, have you operated or not Taylor Swift?

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