Skin Cysts: Why leave?

Skin Cysts: Why leave? It is not the only question that assails us with a cyst, are they harmless? Cysts are located below skin and are usually the result of obstruction of ducts clogged oil glands or hair follicles. The most common skin cysts is the epidermal or sebaceous. Before removing cysts, when it is only a cosmetic issue, assess the importance of scar. If in doubt, always consult a physician, in this case dermatologist.

Cysts are often referred to bulges They formed under the skin, but may also be of benign tumors of the adipose tissue. Specifically, it is called lipomas, which they tend to be soft to the touch, rarely painful and usually discovered by accident.

Why go cysts? As we have noted, the cysts are often the result of obstruction the ducts of the sebaceous glands or hair follicles. Noticeable just below the surface of the skin and in terms of content is not exactly fat, but keratin, produced by flaking of the epidermis and is accumulated therein.

Cysts skin usually well delimited by an envelope called capsule, formed by the dilation of the walls of the blocked glands. Cysts, being formations of the skin, usually attached to it, unlike what happens with tumors that do not stick to the skin and can move quite easily.

Cysts can be opened to empty, although it may sometimes reappear, especially when no capsule is removed. Meanwhile they can, in the case of tumors, remove for many reasons. One of them, aesthetics, and another when their location can lead to complications. Tumors may appear in several parts of body.

Cysts Skin Types

The most common type of cyst is the epidermal or sebaceous caused by a blocked sebaceous gland. You can become infected, although not serious. Sebaceous cysts may appear in the scalp, in the expensive, in the back, among other areas of the body. Not everyone shared in the same way, but some can grow or become infected themselves. To find out if you are infected, some signals are pressing pain, redness or warmth to feel the lump.

the cyst pilonidal, meanwhile, itself is usually painful and is caused by infection, usually through small changes in the skin between the buttocks. When the lump, a small soft nodule, appears on the wrist, it is called ganglión, and can be resized within weeks. Sometimes even it disappears spontaneously. In others, it may become awkward lump, so it may be necessary to resort to surgery.

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