Tints fantasy: Risks for your hair and disadvantages

Fantasy dyes are one of the trends of the past year, and that is no wonder. Many women have been encouraged to wear very vibrant and bright colors that makes them the center of attention, from roses and violets to the electric blues. It also has the advantage that you can reflect your true personality thanks to them. However, not everything is positive in fantasy dyes, and having a risks and disadvantages for your hair. If you want to know, read on!

Risks for your hair

Fantasy colors require a very clear tone hair so you can properly absorb the color, so it requires a very aggressive discoloration for those who have dark hair. So much so that cause your hair is very weakened, loses its healthy appearance and fall faster.

But not only that, but at times it can also cause burns and wounds on the scalp which can last several days. This is very serious for the health of our hair, because it can even happen that stop hair crecernos in that area as it did normally and have a rhythm and abundance of much lower growth.


This type of dyes also involve a number of disadvantages that make it very difficult to maintain the vibrant tone that we like. First, color fantasy last few days, after which he begins to clear. The blue colors They are the most affected as it passes to be a very unhealthy shade of green. You can take it for a few days washing minimum possible and using special shampoos, but his fate will be the same. In addition, you should consider using a single towel and be careful with your clothes every time you wash your hair, as this type of dyes They tend to discolor when the hair is wet.

Finally, and with all the above, you must employ long time in your hair, and you have to dye it very often and have patience in the application of various products such as oil, to maintain a healthy appearance and the desired shade for longer.

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