Hen: Gifts for Girlfriend [PHOTOS]

Hen: Gifts for the Bride. It is common for all invited the farewell party prior to bachelorhood wedding given away, the bride with her wedding a few gifts that are often characterized by being amusing details and an informal and Picanto touch. original to surprise honoree and has a memory of the celebration gifts. You want some Ideas? Do not miss our proposals for the bride to stay with her mouth open.

What can we give to the bride in her Bachelorette party? We have several options when buying gifts with those who will surprise the protagonist.

  • A set of lingerie It is always a great choice. You should choose something daring and sensual with the star of the party surprised her future husband on their honeymoon.
  • If the bounce has a certain hot air, a pack with sex toys It will be the most fun you all ye turn to laughter.
  • A book to help her new married life. Choose any fun 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus' or 'Surviving couple' or with a spice like 'Dare ... to make love anywhere' or 'The art of sensual massage' .
  • A voucher for a session spa, from chocolaterapia or relaxing massage with stones to remove the pre-wedding nerves.
  • Gather several photos of all the friends together and develop a custom box with all of them. It will be a nice gift for the bride.
  • You can also buy a large greeting card so that all attendees firméis and give yourselves to the bride as a memento of the celebration.

Keep in mind when choosing the present the style of the hen and the likes of girlfriend. However, besides the different gifts, the party itself will be the best gift for the bride, so Organize a bachelorette original, fun party and especially unforgettable! to always remember the honoree.

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