How to download free PC Tinder

Tinder has become the fashion App to link among users of half the world. But what if in addition to mobile want to have it on your home computer? There is a way use the application on your PC without downloading it today and we have found.

Although Tinder has not yet optimized PC version, as happened with other successful apps like WhatsApp, there are emulators for use in the home team. In this case, as the application needs locate the user on the map you'll need to download an Android application that makes this function.

Here is the step by step (for Windows 7).

  1. The first thing you have to do is download a program that mimics the operating system of your phone, in this case Android. Andy It is one of the most popular for this purpose and in addition to being free, is available for Windows and Mac.
  2. Once you've downloaded Andy you can access the App Store (Play Store). From here, you have to follow the same steps as if you were installing the app on your Smartphone. That is, click the magnifying glass icon and type in the box "Tinder". Now you just have to download it and give it to install when the process is completed.
  3. Once you have Tinder installed on the simulator Android (Andy) from your PC, open the application. Sign in with Your username and password common. At this time, it will ask the location. PCs often do not have GPS, so you have to download another app on your Andy that incorporates it.
  4. Return to Play Store and type in the search box Fake GPS Location. You will several free options. Choose the one that interests you and follow the same process as before. Install the new app and open it. Once it is open you can tell the desired location. It does not have to be real, but if you want to find like-minded people nearby, it is most recommended.
  5. GPS application will close but will continue to operate in the background. Now You can return to Tinder and use it as usual.

With Tinder on your PC you can use from home comfortably (and without getting eyes on the mobile screen) but yes, it works better on mobile devices. Ready to know your potential partners through the network? If you've never used this famous App, we offer a guide for you to learn easily. And besides, we have the best tricks to succeed in this popular application.

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