Pain in the lower abdomen during pregnancy: Causes and Remedies

Usually, pain in the lower abdomen during pregnancy is totally normal discomfort. In fact, in most cases it is only an indicator that marks the beginning of pregnancy or ninth month of pregnancy. However, sometimes the lower abdominal pain is accompanied by other symptoms and disorders, and it is then that should be considered a warning sign that you should consider. We tell you all the information on causes and remedies of pain in the lower abdomen during pregnancy.

Pain in the lower abdomen

Pain in the lower abdomen is usually quite harmless annoyance that occurs during pregnancy. In particular, usually it occurs during the first trimester of pregnancy, although sometimes manifest itself again in the ninth month. Symptoms that stand out are tension, burning, tremors, sensation of discomfort and weight, similar to the pain felt during the menstrual cycle.

The lower abdominal pain is usually common in the first weeks of pregnancy and are completely normal, since it is precisely caused by physiological change. Specifically, these problems are related to the movement and transformation being subjected to internal organs of pregnant women, such as the growing uterus wave reorganization to leave the space you need.


For the frequent back pains and persistent and are accompanied by contractions repeated, strong cramps Y indented, it is best to consult your gynecologist. This is very important especially in the early months, as it is usually it occurs when spontaneous abortion.

However, in most cases the pain tends to be sporadic and usually resolves spontaneously within a few weeks, so there is no need for any treatment. Yes, you can relieve discomfort with light Circular massage in the painful area or use a electric blanket for warmth. Soon you'll notice the improvement!

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