Cold Sores: What is it and how is it treated?

Cold Sores: What is it and how is it treated? It is a problem of skin, contagious, but equally can try quickly. On the edge of the lips and it has an origin viral (Herpes simplex virus). It is characterized by stinging or itch occurs due to the grouping of granites and vesicles left ooze, when broken, a liquid form when dry crust. It's one of those annoying symptom which can cause cold sores.

Cold sores on skin disorder that appears in the outline of the mouth, around lips specific. Its most common symptoms are itching or sensation from burning in the affected area even before the herpes appears small granites or blisters (Also called vesicle) that eventually form a crust and normally disappear at an average of a week or ten days. It should be borne in mind that cold sores are caused by a infection, which may go unnoticed. It is, in particular, infection virus herpes simplex, which triggers may be different, although doctors and specialists emphasize stress, anxiety, the prolonged sun exposure, fever, menstruation and even a tooth extraction.

Before the onset of a cold sore is advisable to consult the doctor, both for the proper treatment to prevent herpes can extend the rest of the mouth and even into the eyes. The repeated occurrence of herpes is a warning sign that we should not overlook. He treatment More common is a antiviral cream sold in pharmacies and when the scab has been formed, an antiseptic. To protect from the sun, it is best to use a protective lip.

Cold Sores: Natural Plants

He thyme, the balm and the echinacea they are three plants that can help treat natural cold sores, making frequent washing of the area with the infusion. Also prevent the recurrence of herpes. For its part, the calendula ointment aids healing. One of the best known plants, chamomile, it can also be a good remedy to apply hot compresses to the area, for their antiseptic properties that help repair the skin. Sage, among its many properties, It is also to be a good ally to apply on herpes and reduce symptoms.

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