Standards of beauty throughout history: So have evolved [PHOTOS]

Standards of beauty throughout history: So have evolved. Beauty has changed much throughout history. What was considered an ideal of beauty 100 years ago it is no longer so now. The canons of female beauty have changed completely. Perfect measurements have varied greatly over different periods of history. Of course, the perfect woman has nothing to do with reality or with most women. Here we tell you how they have changed the standards of beauty in history.

Through history and centuries the female body It has changed a lot and the canons of beauty as well. For example, in prehistory women &# 8220; ideals&8221; They had wide hips and large breasts because this body type was associated with fertility and motherhood. At Renaissance women had perfect bodies with curves, small breasts, white skin, slender hands, blond hair&# 8230; Only need look at the pictures of that time to see that woman had in that period. In the Baroque fuller bodies they have their role. Women with wide hips, very narrow and marked waist, white skin and enhanced breasts were the canon of beauty fashion. At that time women begin to worry about adorn your physique with wigs, hairpieces, makeup, corsets that helped enhance breast&# 8230;

In the Victorian era include women with very thin and marked waist. Using corset makes waistlines and narrow breasts gain volume. Corsets were a must for any woman of the time complement, but could cause deformation, fainting&# 8230; At the beginning of the twentieth century It becomes fashionable woman stereotype called Gibson Girl. Women are tall, with very narrow waist and large breasts. In the 20s there was a great revolution in women's canons. Women were freed from corsets and many garments. Women's &8220; in&8221; of the time, flappers, bob hair to cut, shortened their dresses and no longer marked or chest or waist. Broad and somewhat androgynous dot dresses became very fashionable. In the 30s They returned curvy women and very voluptuous bodies. Much emphasized curves, blond hair (natural or dyed) it was the most desired. In the 40s women with healthy and natural look are what make the trend of that period.

In the 50s, Marilyn Monroe is the ideal woman. large and generous breasts, pert waist, long legs, curvy&# 8230; In the 60s the woman becomes androgynous. Like very thin without curves bodies. 70s in perfect women are those with a toned, healthy, slim body and very natural&# 8230; In the 80's healthy, slender, athletic and with a point of artifice bodies are ideal. Ins and exaggerated makeup is trend. Back in the 90 women without curves and unfeminine. Check out our photo gallery to see the evolution of beauty throughout history.

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