3 fruit salads to lose weight

    You want 3 fruit salads to lose weight also are good? With the summer heat, not fancy eating hot dishes., Well, this is the best solution. Fruit gives us hydration while we satiated. So if you've tried the salad recipes we set you up for each day of the week, today it is the turn to those which are made up of fruits first. Which one do you prefer?

    1. Fruit salad with yogurt sauce

    Ingredients: 1 pineapple, 1 cantaloupe, 300g. from strawberries, 300g. from grapes, 3 mangos, 1 fresh lemon juice, 1 Natural passion fruit juice, 2 Skimmed natural yogurts, and 1 tablespoon tablespoons White sugar.

    Preparation: Peel all fruits and pártelas into uniform pieces. When you get ready, take in a bowl and mix well to be dealt. In a bowl, mix the fresh lemon juice and sugar until it is diluted. At the end, add it to the fruta.Tapa with role of film and put the frigo. Now, with the help of a blender mix the juice with passionfruit yoghurt. Finally, add the sauce to the fruit.

    2. Watermelon Salad

    Ingredients: 1.5kg. from watermelon, q pack green shoots, half onion, medium pepper, 1 little virgin olive oil and a little vinegar, medium lemon juice Y Salt to taste.

    PreparationTo start, cut the watermelon into rectangles of about 10cm. They are a bit thick. The striking thing about this salad is the assembly, do as shown in the photo. On the other hand, it makes a vinaigrette with onion, pepper, oil, vinegar and lemon juice. You can use any other vinaigrette, although it is best that they taste citric, sticking well with watermelon. In the center stands the green shoots and add the vinaigrette.

    3. Color salad with fruit

    Ingredients1 lettuce, 2 green apples, 200 gr. strawberries, white sugar to taste, 100 gr. chopped walnuts, 200gr. of fresh cheese, 8 tablespoons of mustard and 5 tablespoons virgin olive oil.

    Preparation: Thoroughly wash and chop the lettuce. make sheets strawberries and apples cut into wedges. cut into cheese taquitos. In a separate bowl add the mustard, olive oil and sugar until ingredients are well blended. Finally, you just have to gather the fruit with the sauce and add the chopped nuts.

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