White Kiss: What is and dangers of doing so

White kiss is the transmission of semen from the mouth of women to that of men after ejaculation this in fellatio. This practice may at first appear safe, but involves many more dangers that people know and we must pay special attention in them and know how to practice to avoid being affected by them. Then we reveal the dangers of a white kiss and how you can avoid them.

Dangers of practicing a white kiss

There is a widespread belief about oral sex and safety over conventional sex. This is totally false, since although there is no risk of pregnancy remains risk for certain sexually transmitted diseases. This transmission is done through small cuts They are existing in the oral cavity and gums. Viruses like or acquired immune deficiency AIDS and syphilis bacteria provocative They can access our body through this route since they are in inside sperm contained in ejaculation.

With white kiss risk also increases because not only women at risk practicing fellatio and get the cum in her mouth but also even after continued practice in risk running time just man. This is because, once made white kiss the girl can become infected and subsequently spread man through the blood cells that are housed in the semen and otherwise (with a traditional kiss) could not be infected by the low viral load count is transmitted with the saliva.

White kiss It is not only capable of transmitting syphilis or AIDS but also other sexually transmitted diseases and sexual

  • Human papilloma virus
  • herpes
  • chlamydial
  • Candida
  • Different types of fungi
  • Gonorrhea and even more dangerous, super gonorrhea

How to safely practice a white kiss

There is not a safe practice this technique beyond the knowledge of the sexual partner. If you have a partner and you both have the certainty of not having any sexually transmitted disease. You can freely practice is not only practical but also any type of unprotected sex. This is the method further that used in porn movies for the prevention of these diseases, medical analyzes.

safe sex at all

Independently of If you tempt a partner with which you can practice unprotected sex, or practice with an appointment one day. Safety should always be a present factor in maintaining any type of sexual practice although this does not include penetration. So you already know whenever safe, Sex is good.

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