vaginal sponges: How do you use, advantages and disadvantages

What are the vaginal sponges? It is a natural synthetic sponge (foam or latex) or (marine sponges), with anatomically, soft to the touch, which has become a alternate method of collection of bleeding (As menstrual cups) and to maintain sex during menstruation. Easy to use (much like tampons), they can be purchased without a prescription at the pharmacy. In the case of marine sponges, organic form, last 6 to 12 months and must be cleaned after each use. To enter, first dipped in water. Yes, it should be noted that vaginal sponge is not a contraceptive to prevent pregnancy or prevent the spread of STDs method. Let's look more closely, what are the advantages and disadvantages of vaginal sponges.


One of the advantages of vaginal sponges is that can be maintained for longer than the buffer (up to 8 hours), so that sometimes can be used as an alternative (for sport, for travel, for example) and are less obtrusive than menstrual cups; also allow maintain relations during the rule in a comfortable manner, hygienic and safe. No cord, so you can use them to swim or go to the sauna without anyone knowing that you are in the days of the rule; and fit to body.Neither it produces hormonal changes.


Do they have any problems vaginal sponges? Does not protect against STDs, in some cases can cause allergic reactions and, except natural (which must be cleaned well), they are not reusable.

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