Maternity Swimsuits: Calzedonia Summer 2016 Collections prenatally

This year has opted to offer expectant moms numerous models of swimsuits fit for everyone. They range from the classic maternity swimwear to bikinis that fit perfectly. It has also introduced a new concept of swimsuit: the tankini, which is a maternity bikini featuring a tank top and headpiece. We show the Summer 2016 collections maternity swimsuits, from Calzedonia to Prenatal.

Makes and Models

There are numerous brands that offer summer maternity clothes. All models are different from each other by following a specific philosophy that make use of patterns, materials and specific ways, allowing us to choose from many styles.

Prenatal It is a company known for always being attentive to the needs of mothers, so it focuses mainly on providing comfort with their swimsuits two pieces. Decathlon It also goes well on that line, although it is much more sporty and functional.

Calzedonia, however, committed fashion at all times and boasts a particular fashion models. Among her maternity bikinis are models with a cord in shades ranging from pink to the Turquoise, and light green to the magenta. One of the most striking pieces this year are undoubtedly their tankinis, which incorporate a sleeveless as top for expectant moms feel much more comfortable and protected. The original decorations and patterns stripes, polka dots and retro motifs make it become one of the most desired items.

They are also highly sought after models Bonprix, which feature original and fanciful colors, ideal for pregnant women seeking to stand out from the crowd. Proposals Seraphine for summer they also offer a look refined and elegant with their bathing suits sailor style, playing with blue, white and yellow. Further, Asos also it offers especially pleasant and perfect for summer clothes.


There are so many models to choose from that sometimes we can not decide what the most appropriate. There is no doubt that the best way to know what your ideal swimsuit is prove it and not get carried away only by first impressions, although of course it is important that you like visually. Note that the size be right for you and if you buy by Internet, make sure you can change it if it is too small or too large. Dare and will wear an ideal figure even while pregnant!

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