intramuscular injection: how to do it? [VIDEO]

You can not say it's easy to put right, the right way, intramuscular injection. In fact, the simple fact of having to using a syringe to give an injection to another person can cause fear of causing any damage, whether mild or severe. We'll see how to do, step by step, to resolve all doubts.

Do not be afraid to put the call intramuscular injection, but a minimum of watch out. Thus, for example, it is important that before handle syringe, we wash our with water and soap hands to ensure maximum sterility in the process and avoid any possible risk infection, if we go to practice the puncture.

The first thing is to take the syringe out of its bundle. Do not place anywhere, making it advisable to keep the palm, placing the needle up to avoid stinging our or accidentally infect. To open the blister, in most cases just a slight touch with the index finger on the top cover. It must be a little careful, and if it does not break the first, avoid too much pressure because we risk the blister is totally broken. It is better to repeat the process several times until only the top is opened. Only if mistakenly manufacturing blister resist all attempts you can use a small cutter, sawing gently and just a little neck of the ampoule, then break it with your hands. You must be careful when doing this to prevent a small piece of glass strain into the vial.

Once opened, it should be Aspire the drug with the syringe. It must be done quickly, without delay, and that its contents can become infected or simply deteriorate with brief contact light. In fact, the blisters should always keep them, and even use in a closed box, protected from light. We must remove all content blister, using the plunger to facilitate filling of the syringe.

Intramuscular injection drug administration

Once you've already sucked into the syringe entire contents of the vial, do not waste time. gets a cotton soaked in alcohol and clean the body area in which it will place the injection. Calmly, without delay, it is necessary to inject as in the case of some drugs tend to solidify in a short period of time, which would make its use impossible.

When the shot put, at the time of the bite, ask the person to discover and relax the buttocks. Front of buttock where will the (right or left) injection, acting on the top of an imaginary dividing the buttock into four parts. This will facilitate the maneuver. Proceed to quick cleaning with cotton in your hand, do not delay long massage with a mild Enough tapping the area- and, without thinking twice, slightly raise the point at which it will intervene, as a pinch and insert the needle. Should not be hesitant, because we risk puncture in the wrong area, causing pain or discomfort. Once we have introduced the needle, wait a few seconds before continuing.

If within the syringe, pressing to inject the drug does not penetrate anything is that everything is correct. In the case of the syringe will start to fill blood syringe must be removed immediately. After injecting the drug, then remove the syringe from a stroke. If you notice that have formed a few drops of blood, fear not, it can happen and does not cause any problems. Proceed with fast massage area prick and apply cotton. Cover the needle and syringe prior to disposal.

intramuscular injection properly dispose of needles

Sometimes because of the rush, at the end we realize that we have lost top which protects the needle. This, of course, does not mean that we throw syringe without taking any caution and someone at risk of picarse. By pulling the plunger of the syringe it requires a certain strength, and set within the needle used. Reinsert the plunger. Now the needle can no longer harm anyone.

Last but not least, we must see if after putting injection intramuscular person accused some kind of discomfort. In some cases there may be an allergic reaction, but not how to give the injection, but the drug itself. In this case, it is best to call emergency and communicate the person who made the puncture has symptoms of an allergic reaction (can lead to anaphylactic shock in the most severe) cases. The Common symptoms They are sudden generalized swelling, difficulty breathing, confusion, slurred speech and often diffuse erythema. In these cases, do not wait for spontaneous remission of symptoms, as always evolve worse.

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