Hair trends: the best hairstyles for spring / summer 2016 [PHOTOS]

Hair trends: the best hairstyles for spring / summer 2016. Plaits, chignons and ponytails between trendy hairstyles for spring / summer 2016. We collected for you all ideas more glamorous. This type of hairstyles are perfect for everyday or for a special occasion. Braids are carried boxer style or a crown, while the classic chignon is still trend. Browse the gallery to discover many original proposals and the latest trends for hair.

Just take a look at the pictures of the fashion and hairstyles that share the famous in their social profiles to realize that special hairstyles are very successful and is one of the main hair trends spring / summer 2016. While it is true that the loose and natural hair style trend will continue next season season it will also be marked by the braids and many different hairstyles.

Pigtails and braids are also trend spring / summer 2016. Of course, there are several ways to carry. Braids are trend boxer style braids that are made from the roots and are sporty style. Kim Kardashian and Jennifer López are a fan of this type of hairstyle with braids. Queues are carried strictly low and soft style to be wrapped with cloth ribbons or headbands jewelry as suggested from Luisa Beccaria. Another option, although less fashionable, is to bring a high ponytail with hair back very polished. If you want to give a different touch to the ponytail hides the rubber with a lock and forks. Crowns or diadems made with a braid hairstyle are perfect for any special occasion or for everyday.

These are just some of the many ideas that you can inspire. Browse the gallery to discover many other proposals with glamorous you'll look pretty.

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