Best wedding jokes to the restaurant

Best wedding jokes to the restaurant. How about some good friends are married and are in gastarles thinking a joke in the restaurant? With these things must always have careful not to overdo, so these points Ideas.

The wedding of your best friends and you're thinking of putting the funny note to the celebration, playing a joke newlyweds with your group of friends. Okay and can be fun and different, but beware, because if the joke is very exaggerated or little taste, you can end up ruining the most special day of your life the couple. So pay attention, because you will not want to fall into one of those mistakes that all invited to a wedding should avoid, right?

Blindfold the groom or the bride, and shall recognize your partner among a group of friends. You may do so by fragrance, touching a body part or stroking her hair. To spice up a game, you can put some whipped cream in the area where they will play the bride and groom to recognize your partner, ice cream will stay!


There is a joke in itself, but a way of "Bring out the colors" the bride and groom. If you have been asked to make the speech at the time of toast, You can put a touch of humor telling some intimacy of the couple, as long as is not too hot or something you do not like your father did, you know what we mean, right? has some anecdote, a funny memory, besides get a laugh, sure they like.


A classic car that will take the couple to take photos once they leave the church or the town hall, can become anything to see the look of surprise when they put either husband and wife. Change for tractor, truck, or something like that, but yes, do not forget to then bring the real car, do you refuse not arrive at their own wedding.

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