Wavy Hair: hairstyles to copy this autumn / winter 2014-2015 [PHOTOS]

Wavy Hair: Haircuts to copy this fall / winter 2014-2015. The hair billowed main characteristic that is not smooth nor frizzy. Many women with wavy hair have a real battle to get out a perfect look and you like it. Do not worry, wavy hair is overall trend, and with a few tricks we can find our ideal cut and how to comb. Even those you have straight hair you can opt for a wavy mane. Here we give ideas to make your hair look wavy trends winter 2014/2015.

Cuts waves are overall trend. They can look both women with straight hair like those who have already wavy. Women with curly hair will be much more difficult to look waves, because the natural tendency of your hair is curl. The option is to bet first by straightening the hair and then make some waves with one of the many techniques that exist. The waves carry are soft, textured and casual look, especially for the more casual looks.

The waves may look both short hair, shoulder-length or long. Waves give us a fun pool and a &# 8220; young touch&# 8221 ;, also they give movement and kept in order hair volume. Estilismos daily to whether you have short or long hair, a casual commitment, soft waves and with a touch unkempt. To achieve this, if you have wavy hair, you just have to add some special foam for curly hair and so you get to light waves naturally. Do not comb your hair, but run your fingers to shape the wave. For parties, events and special occasions are the best water waves and waves defined. The long hair with wavy points are an unbeatable classic that always takes. The distinctive touch you can get through color techniques, for example with wicks.

For very short hair can decant for a pixie cut, but with a long fringe. Bangs you can leave with a very natural waves. If you want to give a very modern touch bet wicks in various shades. Stockings manes or cut bob are also great with waves. As I said before hairstyles-tousled cuts are carried out. Another option for short hair half waves are broken, that is not defined waves. To get any wave hairstyles need special products for curly and wavy hair, tenecillas, curlers or curling iron. You yourself must choose the most appropriate technique for your hair type. At the hairdresser they can also advise you. Check out our photo gallery for ideas.

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