Brushing hair: Know all its advantages

Brushing hair: Know all its advantages. The appearance and health of our hair is very important to our appearance and therefore constitutes a very important concern. We are always very aware of what steps we must take to avoid damaging are and increase their brightness Y resistance. To do so, many times, do not need to go to expensive products as the most exclusive masks or treatments newer hairdresser, but the habits of a lifetime are equally satisfactory in terms of results. The best example is the hair brushing. It may seem somewhat outdated action, but the truth is that still many benefits that other treatments fail and, of course, is much more convenient and inexpensive.

The typical image of brushing hair before going to bed we have so often seen in movies, series, or maybe do yourself how often is the best advice that can be given to maintain Health and shine of our hair.

How to brush your hair?

True, brushing her hair has many advantages, but to take full advantage, we must take into account some aspects regarding the way to do it.

  • The first thing to do is choose the right brush, so, if you do not have a flat brush, you must change it and get one of those characteristics, since it is much more effective.
  • It starts brushing her head down and starting from the back of the neck down. Then brush the sides and, finally, straightens his head and brushed his hair from the top down.
  • The intensity It should not be too soft, since searched or too intense goals were not realized because it could stimulate the glands responsible for producing fat.

Given these tips, we will make brushing to positive effects on hair that comnzarán to notice in no time and then you count.

Advantages brushing her hair

Sure that every time you brush your hair are not aware of the effect of this habit in your hair.

  • How many times have you brush your hair every day? With twice it is enough, but if you do it twice, it is important to be in the morning and evening.
  • Brushing hair in the morning will help activate blood microcirculation after hours of sleep. With this you get a smoother scalp.
  • Brushing at night is good to eliminate all impurities that have been adhering to the hair during all hours of the day.

If brushing hair you add some other habits such as removing split ends regularly, protect it from the sun, keep hydrated ... You can boast long hair.

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