Candles to decorate your home: Know the different types [PHOTOS]

Candles to decorate your home: Know the different types. Candles are House Accessories very old. However they are now perfect item to decorate any place or to delight any room with its pleasant scents and perfumes. This supplement to the house keeps renewed to give us a wide range of colors, fragrances and shapes each more innovative and more decorative. If you want to decorate your home with any of these elements, in this article we give some clues to be the last.

Many people have candles at home for different reasons. Formerly one of the means by which people lit their homes, with the arrival of electricity and other more sophisticated means happened to have other uses even in emergencies continue using them. now primary reason is: the decoration.

Candles classes

While it is true that we ourselves can create different models sailing, We can now find almost any kind you want. Either by the way, by smell or color, variety of candles on the market is very broad and can distinguish between these types:

Currently have a center with candles Accompanied by stones, water, trays, sand or aromatic dried flowers is an easy delight to prepare. As you know the candles are indispensable element, for example, on New Year's Eve to bring good luck for the next year and a supplement can not miss on any table you want to decorate romantically.

For all other situations where this is not necessary or to enjoy them during the day to day we suggest the following:

  • Purchase Column candles from different sizes and heights and the same color and place them on a tray. If you put the base in a few dried flowers, sold in packages, will be a beautiful center for any living room table.
  • Place small rocks of different sizes in a elongated glass vase, but not too high. Enter in him plastic flower waterproof. Fill the vase Water (Not to the edge) and top with one floating candle. We can catch the flower with stones background so it does not move the background.
  • As we have done in the previous point we can also do the same operation but on a glass tray a little deeper.
  • In a round or square transparent vase, we can place some sand or stones of different colors and place over them one candle column according to the site of the house where we will place.
  • Place dried flowers in different trays and put them tea candles of the same colors as the flowers with which we have covered trays.

As you have seen there are a few ways to place a nice centerpiece or vases in a different way using the classic and updated candles.

Poned up your imagination and enjoy decorating!

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