Bracelets knotted thread: Learn the technique!

Bracelets knotted thread: Learn the technique! We propose to do yourself these fun and colorful bracelets, perfect to wear with arrival of summer and especially if you opt for a slightly more relaxed and even hippie look. With a few simple steps, you can show off this summer, and even give your friends, your own accessories. We are also talking about a manualidad simple, easy to learn, and for that you only need colored thread (cotton, wool&# 8230;) and scissors.

Within indispensable for the summer, you can not miss supplements. In this case, we propose to make a fun and simple colored thread bracelets, bracelets do not go out of fashion. They are not unique designs of bracelets that can make yourself, but in this case the steps are very simple and materials basic, colorful strings (cotton or wool) and a scissors.

Then take the first thread and pass it through the opening and tightened knot. Repeat this step with the same thread and take it to the right. These same steps, repeat them to other threads to complete the first round. In the second, and to change color, begin with the thread that you have more left, and so on until the desired size of the bracelet.

When you're done, take all the threads and join them with a similar onset bracelet knot. And that's it list to wear it! Have you seen how easy it is to make bracelets of colored thread?

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