Long Hair Cuts fashion for spring / summer 2016 [PHOTOS]

long hair cuts fashion for spring / summer 2016. Despite the high temperatures, there are women who do not want to give up long hair. For spring / summer 2016 there are many interesting proposals for long hair. There are haircuts that play with volumes, scaled cuts, paraded&# 8230; In general, if you do not want to cut long hair, not much to change, but it's true that you can give a different air with accessories, hairstyles or finishes. Discover with us the long hairstyles trendiest of the season!

We started by long hairstyles with straight hair: Straight hair needs some movement if you want to get the effect called &# 8220; weeping willow&# 8221 ;. To get some movement you must bet on an asymmetric cut or scaled. This last cut, in particular, focuses on the back of the neck and the front tufts. In this type of cut line will be central and should follow the natural inclination of the crown and must be brought laterally to your favorite direction. Carry straight hair requires having a super organized and shiny hair to prevent frizz hair is a trend that will help: a look dampening effect. Just you have to take all the hair back and with wet hair using a gel or pomade and voila!

Natural long hair is one of the favorite hair cuts and color for the season 2016. It is also a hairstyle worn by many celebrities of the moment, as the model Gigi Hadid. To achieve a natural and messy effect on your hair, spray a little water with salt in the dry hair and so you can play some effect waves. The long hairstyles can be seen favored if you play with color. There are many coloring techniques that can be tailored to your hair type. If you have little volume in your hair, you can add color asymmetrically to get more body. Finally we have curly long hairIf you're lucky enough to have long curly hair, you can not ignore, even in the most difficult cases. Trends suggest that a cut scale that focuses on the top of the cup and the strands of the face should be cut symmetrically is made. If you have frizzy hair, chooses to moisturize long hair and leaves hair natural volume, believe it or not, this kind of manes are overall trend. Visit our photo gallery to see more long hairstyles &8220; in&8221; season spring / summer 2016.

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