Finnish Sauna: Benefits and health risks

    As a curiosity, sauna It is a Finnish word, certainly the best known. The particularity of the Finnish sauna It is that it is performed in a wooden cabin, resistant material able to absorb excess humidity. Classical sauna can be dry (relative humidity under 20%), but can also be wet (steam aromas, birch eg Finnish tree) or infrared (dry heat). The sauna is an ancient custom reporting interesting Benefits, as discussed below, and as a precaution, should follow a proper diet and take a hot tea to promote sweating. At the end of the sauna, drink water and juice, to promote hydration.

    1. Purify skin

    Thanks to hot which promotes sweating, eliminates sauna skin impurities and dead cells from the surface. High temperatures favor the dilation of blood vessels and, therefore, increases the supply of oxygen to the skin. This causes it to become brighter and smoother.

    2. Purge the body

    One of the benefits of sauna is your purifying effect. Thanks to the heat and sweating, the body naturally eliminates the toxins he kept inside. If the sauna is complemented by a balanced diet and regular exercise, will be the best recipe for body detox.

    3. Strengthens the immune system

    Increasing the temperature inside the body can improve our defenses and this makes our immune system more effectively against attacks viruses and bacteria that they are not resistant to high temperatures. The sauna is also good for relieving nasal congestion.

    4. Help you lose weight

    The sauna does not lose weight directly. The sauna is true that favors loss of fluids cleanse the body, water level must be replenished at the end of the session to avoid health problems. But it is true that the sauna stimulates blood circulation which keeps active metabolism.

    5. Contra

    The moderation It is key in treatments with sauna. Abusing can be stressful for our body, so it is important to follow the advice of a specialist. The sauna is contraindicated in the case of those with disease circulatory system or anxiety.

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