Children’s birthday decoration: Crafts for home [PHOTOS]

Decoration for children's birthdays: homemade Crafts. Are you going to organize your child's birthday at home? Learn how to prepare a children's party in style with the following crafts and decorating ideas we bring.

If you're the one in charge to decorate your house on Halloween or enjoy decorating your home for Christmas with the latest trends, you'll like the idea: create homemade crafts for decorating children's birthday.

Decoration for children's birthday parties at home

  • Marshmallow teabags One of the most eagerly awaited by children at a children's birthday present is the distribution of sweets. And what better to give them a bag made by yourself? Learn how to develop this idea of ​​children's decor. materials: Craft paper, scissors, scissors peaks, tape, wire, needle, candies, pencil and glue stick. Development, step by step: First, extends the craft paper on a table. Then fold the paper leaving a centimeter on the opposite side outside the fold. Now, about the craft paper, draw a design you like. To do this, you can help a mold or do it yourself. Then, take a piece of thread and cut with scissors. After the thread passes through the needle and, with it, make an embroidery design lines you drew above. Complete the entire contour of your figure with the embroidery thread. Cuts off the excess wire with scissors. Fold the craft paper again as you had done before. It is important to remember leave a centimeter fold the opposite side out. Then apply glue stick over the area centimeter. Fold the paper and paste that edge. Then also doubles the bottom of the paper. Ayúdate scissors to cut corners on that edge. With cut corners will be prettier. Apply glue stick on the edge with cut corners and attach it all. Reverses the bag and cut the top of the pouch with scissors peaks. Finally, introduces candies and fold the top edge and close it with a piece of adhesive tape.
  • Children ornaments Dora the Explorer materials: Colored felt, cardboard, glue, black ribbon, moving eyes, marker, scissors, cutter, glue gun, polystyrene, black and green construction paper and tissue paper two colors. How, step by stepFirst, make a photocopy large Dora the Explorer and her friends. Cut out the silhouette and contornéala in the carton with the pen. Short silhouette using the cutter. Then mark on felt the main color of the figure mark pattern and then in the other pieces of felt other parts of FIG. Then mounted figure: paste mobile eyes, stick figure on the cardboard and then sticks to the glue gun tape along the edge of the cardboard. Finally, mark the outline of the cardboard cutout on cardboard of black color, cut it out and paste it into the carton. Circle in the polystyrene, cut and decorate according to your taste.

Decorating children's birthday with balloons

  • Making a sword materials: 1 elongate balloon. Elaboration: Inflates the balloon leaving about 3 cm. unfilled. Then enter the nozzle portion inward of the globe and the globe turns to get it is tight and not loosen. Next, fold the balloon into three parts, so it looks like an accordion. With one hand holding the half of the globe and the other flips the other half of the globe. Thus, the balloon will be three rings which are simulating the hilt of the sword.

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