Wedding Speech: Ideas to prepare

Ideas to prepare a wedding speech. Then, We reveal some tips for composing a wedding speech that the bride and groom and guests will never forget the. Takes pencil and paper to write down the following recommendations.

Opening speech

The first part of your wedding speech should be designed to provide welcoming those present and also presented to the guests. It is essential that they know who is speaking and the bond or relationship with the couple. Always remember that there is always a part of the guests who may not know anything.

But what should articulate how the presentation of the wedding speech? First of all, it should be brief, it is important that you do not stretch out too much. The key is to write a presentation of two or three lines that get grab the attention of the guests using your sympathy as a hook, but without overdoing it, the wedding speech should be presented with a halo of a certain formality.

An example, to articulate the opening speech wedding can be as follows: "finally came the big day, many know me, others not so much, I am a representation of the friends of the bride, that have accompanied many moments of celebration, laughter, tears, uncertainties .... "and" we will continue to do ... ".

Review unforgettable

In line with the previous recommendation, we also advise you to make reference to some intimate time and some fun time you have lived with the couple. However, it is important to be cautious in this part of the wedding speech because you run the risk of saying something that the couple does not want to be known. Always bet prudence.

The couple

Also a good idea to dedicate a part of speech to how the couple met through anecdotes, how happy are the bride and groom have taken that step, the wonderful couple who make ...


To end the speech you can do including a famous quote, a story poetry. If you allow your literary skills you can create it yourself, if you can not play one known.

You want to take note of the tenderest poetry for a wedding? Here you have the best ideas.

Silver Wedding Speech Phrases Cards

If you want to say a few phrases in wedding day silver a relative or friend, then we present some simple speeches that will serve as inspiration:

  • Dear friends I want you to have a wonderful day, I'm surprised and I enjoy seeing the amount of time they've been together. I hope that your love remains unchanged from the beginning.
  • Usually, it is difficult to see that a marriage can fulfill this many years, but you have shown that it is possible that the infatuation can stay for long. Congratulations and enjoy of your silver wedding.
  • 25 years in a marriage is enough, however, is not enough for the love that exists. Sincere love that I profess is so immense that it must go ahead as long must the best way to enjoy every moment. Congratulations.

If you're looking for more ideas for wedding speeches, do not miss these proposals with which we leave.

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