10 exercises with jumps to gain power and tone legs

The exercises with jumps They are ideal for improving our cardiovascular endurance while developed explosive strength, Invigorate our legs and burn calories. Routines typically used in CrossFit and functional training, because they are funny and very complete, so it's important to include them in our regular exercise routine.

10 exercises to tone legs jumping

For you to get in shape, you teach 10 exercises with jumps to gain power and tone legs. We warn that require demand and resistance, so ideally start with one or two exercises every day routine jumps. Go for it!

1. Box jump

He box drawer jump or leap over It is one of the classics of crossfit. Highly recommended becauseYuda legs to work intensely, besides buttocks and ConA core or central body. It is ideal for burn calories while earning power.

Gradually increases the intensity over time beginning with shallow drawers, increasing the height when you feel safer. The same can be done with repetitions, begins with sessions of 15 or 20 jumps. You can practice at home, on a park bench or in the gym.

2. Jump Rope

Do you remember when you jumped rope small? It is a fantastic exercise It helps improve while toning your legs cardiovascular strength. Make intense sessions a minute, resting 30 seconds.

3. Jump Skater

He skater or skateboarder jumping jump It is a complete jump, because it helps strengthen both the lower body and the upper, due to the continuous movement. It is an ideal place to strengthen the legs and gain strength exercise.

4. Jumping Jacks

Breaks traditional school exercises when parted legs and arms at the same time are fantastic to win power and strengthen the middle and leg.

5. Lung jump

It is an exercise mainly strengthens jumpy legs. Just to cross squats, changing legs with a jump. You can!

6. Squat jump

It is a type of jump squats what invigorates the most of the legs and buttocks while you are doing cardio and burning calories.

7. Squat jacks

Maintaining the squatting position, opens and closes in each leg jumping movement. We warned, the squat jacks are very intense. You ready?

8. Burpees

Is one of the most complete jumping exercises. They are perfect for high intensity work on the muscles of the legs and buttocks and upper body and core. Recommended!

9. jump tucks

It's about a leap frog type up everything you knees. You will work cardio butt.

10. Broad jump

It used very functional training, is making a leap forward combined with Squat. Only for intermediate and advanced levels.

So you know, if you want to get fit, strengthen your legs and wing while increasing your power, Start jumping!

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