Flowers for Mother’s Day, what each type of flower means?

    Flowers are certainly a staple of Mother's Day. But they do not have to give for a gift, because depending on the color, so you want to say something. Each flower has a message and must know how to use it. Not the same thank a mother a bouquet of flowers everything he has done at a time, to give a husband with a Red rose to tell him he loves as the first day. So take note that the first Sunday in May is very close, if you do not want to see you doing a manual gift.

    1. Roses

    Pink roses, redundant, represent grace, elegance and appreciation of a mother. While yellow roses symbolize friendship and happiness. So if you think your mom give her roses, choose pink or yellow roses

    2. Lilas

    These flowers symbolize a new love, for this reason, they are also very popular at weddings. also mean love between mother and son, so they are a beautiful choice for special flowers for Mother's Day, if the relationship has not gone through a good time in recent months

    3. Iris

    Iris flower is a symbol of affection and warmth. They held its delicate colors and make it a popular choice for flowers Mother's Day. Iris flowers come in beautiful rainbow colors dazzle mom with her beauty.

    4. Orchids

    In China, orchids are a symbol many children, and also mean the refinement and beauty of a mother. There is no doubt that every mother will love to receive something, because're saying it's the most beautiful mother in the world.

    5. Carnations

    According to legend, it is believed that pink carnations grew for the first time on the floor where Mary shed tears for the death of Jesus. Because of this, many believe that carnations They are a symbol of eternal love of a mother. A beautiful story, right?

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