What men think women virgins

Face a girl who has never had sex can be very exciting for some men, but for others it becomes a real problem they do not know how to cope. Want to know what they really think of virgin girls? Keep reading because you'll be surprised.

Of fantasy…

Like the conquistadors happened to them, for many men, being the first to tread virgin ground It is most exciting. Some boast of how many girls have had that first experience with them and how much they liked.

However, for many women this is the first time far from pleasant. They are rare, helpless (because they are naked before another person with whom they share the dressing room or the pool, nor his family), do not know what to do and to top it hurts. So do not listen to those guys who brag so much. Surely they have not been a virgin when they were not. Want to know if you're prepared to do?

Then there are those who find themselves in this loss virginity a unique moment, intimate and feel flattered because a girl would regale. They're hopeless romantics and unfortunately not very abundant.

... a responsibility

For others however, give a girl is a virgin real torture. Especially if they are very excited and They do not want to wait until you're ready. In this sense, you can meet with those who think that best look for another more experienced and those who do are willing to make an effort by someone who really like it.

In general, men, when they meet a woman who physically attracted to, want sex with her right away. If when they will move to confess action that will be your first time two things can happen: to run away or who is willing to take your virginity.

For some is a real responsibility give a first sexual experience. They believe that will mark you for life and you will always think of them every time you have sex. They take it very seriously and may make you wait even if you do not want.

When they too are released

For they too are virgins usually give less importance to the fact that you're so well. Many of these guys have dreamed a thousand times with the time and they must have imagined doing a 'mature' experienced. Surely most feel more comfortable knowing that both are rookies in sex.

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