Religious wedding music: The best songs in the Church

Music for a religious wedding. You go over those songs to leave the church music for the entrance of the bride and groom and those key moments of the ceremony. Take note!

Organizing a wedding accurate care of numerous details. And among them all, you are the music. During the celebration of the ceremony or during the reception it is especially important. Precisely then We guide about the right music for a religious wedding ceremony. Take note!

Songs for weddings in churches

Before starting to decide on those issues that will ring your link you should take into account the following considerations:

  • See also the restrictions of the church. 
  • Calls various estimates, to choose which most closely matches your tastes and possibilities.
  • Ask the director of the orchestra or group to agree with the priest to rock the peak moments of the ceremony.
  • In the Catholic Church the highlights of a wedding are: the entrance, the ceremony, the offertory, readings, peace, communion, and output.
  • It is appropriate to follow the precepts that commanded every church to make the musical selection to accompany the key moments of the ceremony with traditional pieces.
  • The music that sounds in the church should not be solemn or sad, can choose cheerful and festive pieces.

Repertoire for every moment

  • Music for guests. In this case, you can opt for classics such as, for example, Mozart Little Night stations or Vivaldi.
  • Music for entry groom. Once the guests have taken their seats is time, then, the arrival of one of the protagonists of that special day, the groom. The arrival of this may be accompanied by Water Music or the March of G.Haendel Prince of Denmark J.Clarke.
  • Music for the entrance of the bride. One of the key moments of a religious ceremony is the entrance of the bride. What better to complement this beautiful moment with classics such as Handel Canticorum, Gloria A.Vilvadi, the Arrival of the Queen of Sheba by Handel or wedding march A Midsummer Night's Dream by Mendelssohn?
  • Music for Marriage Act. Another key moments of a wedding by the Church is the time of Yes, I do. To frame this crucial moment of the ceremony may sound background the beautiful music of Romanza without words by Mendelssohn, Morning Prayer Chaikovsky, Dream of Love Liszt, Regina Coeli Aichinger and Von deiner Güt duo of Adam and Eve of Creation Haydn.
  • Music for the couple left. To finish reviewing music for a religious wedding, we ended with the departure of the couple as husband and wife converted. To accompany the departure of the couple can choose topics such as the wedding march 'Birds' Parry, the march of Scipio by Handel, Purcell Rondo Abdelazar or the Alleluia from Mozart's Exultate.

Also, do not miss the following recommendations for choosing the right music on your wedding day and many other ideas over issues that sound in such a special day for you.

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