Magazines of Wednesday: Marián first photos of Flores, the former Matamoros [PHOTOS]

They're here Wednesday magazines, which are packed with love. For example in Cuore that of Ursula Corberó with Chinese Darin's son Richard, who is her new boyfriend. Carlos Baute love in Hello! to his wife because he will give his first child. that of The Presyler and Vargas Llosa in Sees it. But Week It gives us the exclusive and shows how women's fashion is: Marían Flores, Mar sister and former wife Kiko Matamoros, and that for many years walk away from the spotlight.

Hello It gives the main role to Alfonso Díez, or what is the same the widower of Duchess of Alba. We disclose the whole truth about the situation of Alfonso Diez in the distribution of the inheritance of the Duchess. further Carlos Baute He announces that with his wife Astrid finally going to be parents.

Week It is the only one that brings something new, though not in its main entrance. It shows pictures of Marian Flores, the ex-wife Kiko Matamoros, in Madrid, he is celebrating his 59th birthday, but also others in which he appears with his youngest daughter, Irene, shopping. A fashionable woman but away from public life after his daughter Laura has entered the house of GH VIPs.

Ten minutes opens with a photo that invites us to think about the summer, but no, it's still January. And that Bustamante and Paula Echevarría still winter vacation in Cuba before but had been in Miami. So in the photo they are seen the sea of ​​happy. In addition we anticipate that the fields They will present a program together, how strange, in Telecinco.

readings committed collaborator Jorge Javier Vázquez and it shows us a cover not suitable for everyone. Sálvame presenter shows his Caribbean vacation with her boyfriend.

In Sees it still they determined to marry Isabel Preysler with Mario Vargas Llosa and they come to insinuate that every day that passes is closer to your wedding. Since the writer announces that the divorce with his ex goes fast.

Cuore brings the typical case of a dead king as king. And is that Úrsula Corberó He has already forgotten Andrés Velencoso, and how then leaning on boyfriend Chinese Darin, the child actor Ricardo Darín. You really know Ursu. In Touch finally they tell us that the cold has also come to the United States for what the stars have already pulled out of their closets skins.

And as in Spain we also cold, it is best that from today you stay in house reading gossip magazines Wednesday.

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