Inflamed Liver symptoms, diet and remedies

    He inflamed liver It is the consequence of an abnormal increase in its size, being usually a sign that reveals a disease underlying.

    What are the main symptom Y Causes inflamed liver ?, is necessary to follow a specific diet?, what remedies They are the most effective? They are some of the questions that we will try to respond to better understand this disease.

    1. The hepatitis, cholestasis and alcohol

    Diseases such as hepatitis, cholestasis and the alcoholic liver disease They are the main causes of liver enlargement and inflammation. A disorder that is also known as hepatic steatosis or fatty liver. A specific clinical analysis, an ultrasound or MRI confirm the diagnosis .

    2. inflamed liver: symptoms to consider

    Inflamed liver does not always have obvious symptoms. In fact, in some cases, patients admit to not have noticed any symptoms or warning sign. When they appear, they are feeling heaviness in the abdomen, acid reflux, burping, loss of appetite and heaviness in the liver area.

    3. Liver Pain

    He liver pain It can also be a consequence of liver inflammation. It's a dull pain, localized in the right upper abdomen (on the right side) and back (right lumbar region). Liver pain is a symptom very to consider because it can be caused by a tumor.

    4. inflamed liver: diet to follow

    Follow a specific diet is important to combat the symptoms of inflamed liver. Thus input, the diet should opt for foods like fruits and vegetables which, besides being an important source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, they are also cleansing and diuretic.

    5. Vegetables

    It is advisable to take at least two daily servings of fresh vegetables and lots of fruit. it is also essential care for hydration, ie increase the amount of water taken daily. And in a matter of beverages, avoid drinking alcohol and reduce the intake of wine (limit intake to one glass during the meal).

    6. What to eat after diagnosis?

    Should be avoid processed foods, being better bet dishes seasoned only with olive oil. The mass of food must be well prepared and, for example, in the case of fine toast, since it is easier to digest.

    7. Food meat, fish and vegetables

    As for meat foods, it is better to opt for white meat. Fish and legumes are also good. The most recommended foods in the case of inflammation of the liver are artichokes, beets, chicory, apples, tomatoes, broccoli, blueberries and milk and low-fat dairy.

    8. Foods to avoid

    Instead, it is advisable to avoid foods such as red meat, seafood, cheese, salted foods, vegetables such as eggplants and peppers, fatty foods, fried foods and carbonated drinks.

    9. Fatty liver: Remedies

    -sana a proper diet, varied and balanced illustration and consult a doctor to notice the slightest symptom. They are very useful controls enzymes liver. Your doctor may prescribe a treatment Specifically, as the use of hepatoprotective drugs or antiviral drugs.

    10. Basic precautions

    Leaving the snuff, limit alcohol consumption, physical exercise regularly, eat regularly and following a healthy diet and devote the necessary hours sleep to replenish energy are some. In addition, there are also some Natural medicine to cleanse the liver, such as home detox treatments.

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