Gathered easy for New Year’s Eve: Ideas to succeed in New Year [PHOTOS]

The easiest to dazzle collected on New Years Eve. If you've thought about getting an updo and do not know where to start, discover all your possibilities.

Normally in our daily life we ​​choose to wear women's hair the way natural as possible without much effort, both loose and collected in a simple ponytail or bun, but when a special party comes as the New Years Eve things change, and we think of a look much more elegant.

If you do not have time or money to go to the hairdresser and do not know where to start to make a pickup, commitment one of our easier and glamorous, you will be surprised with the results.

Another option is to smoothing hair all tousled and collect in plan in a high ponytail later cardaremos to do a modern effect but without the slightest effort.

Chignons and plaits

As for moños there are plenty of possibilities, from the chignon style dancer from a high ponytail, the low side chignon retro style, one of the best options for curly hair collected on New Years Eve, or decorated with a braid root Jessica Alba style, original and most glamorous.

Moreover braids have become a must-season, but if you do not want to complicate too, committed style of Elsa Pataky disheveled and tied with a small rubber.

other styles

If these do not convince you collected because you want to look something else loose hair, opt for a semirrecogido wave in the lateral ends and stripe, and decorate with a fork or the like glitter.

Another option is the fake bob, so popular among the celebs around the world, with which you will imitate this traditional haircut without cutting it, or false bob with water waves the purest vintage style.

Hundreds of the handiest options for not having to complicate the mirror tonight, and dazzle everyone with your originality without any effort.

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