10 things you should know before you cut your hair

    10 things you should know before you cut your hair. Want to change your look? There are ten things every woman should know before you cut your hair! Some people cut their hair to follow the trends of the time and do not think the all that entails. Sometimes we go to the hairdresser, and without much thought, decided to cut our hair so healthy. Before turning our hair scissors, we must accept and know what it means a generous cut.

    1. Choose an appropriate court for you

    If you fall for a hairstyle she wore one of your friend or famous, you should know that maybe is not right for you. It is important choose a suitable hairstyle for the shape of our face, without being carried away by the moment.

    2. Avoid unnecessary risks

    If your hairdresser trust offers a new hairstyle, but you are unsure, better to leave it for another time. It is quite possible that you regret a few days. Better to opt for a wash and a hairstyle without passing the scissors. At home, quietly, what you're thinking and if you decide to cut and return to the salon.

    3. Know the shape of your face

    First, it is important to know the shape of the face. Focuses on the jaw to understand that kind of face you have. It may be square (the jaw protrudes sideways), round (chin and ears has a harmonious line) and oval (if the chin is pointed)

    4. Try the hairstyle

    Once we are clear about the kind of face you have, you can drawing on a sheet of paper your type of face and cut you want to do, so you can have a prior idea of ​​how you will.

    5. Have realistic expectations

    Before changing look, we suggest you keep your feet on the ground and Have realistic expectations. Talk to your hairdresser trusted what you can do with your hair and ask any questions you have&# 8230; For example, when it will cost to keep cutting, styling etc

    6. Know the estrutura of your hair

    If you have very smooth, sparse hair, usually it tends to flatten out, so it will be difficult wear a volume effect like Beyoncé. Choose images of stars who have your same type of hair and you take them to your hairdresser to be get an idea.

    7. Consider your lifestyle

    When choosing your haircut, we suggest you carefully consider your lifestyle. Evaluates not only the haircut, but also its practicality. But you have the habit of combing your hair long in the morning, you can opt for short hair tousled effect. But if you spend much time taking care of your hair, you can dare with an asymmetrical cut or climbed over.

    8. No turning back

    Before cutting, it is better to evaluate that this is the right decision. Once the hair is shortened about 15 cm there will be no way to take as before, but keep in mind that hair grows back.

    9. Get used to the new hairstyle

    Always happens after a haircut, there is a period of time that we get used to our new court. Gradually you will go by the new hairstyle and trying different products, styles&# 8230;

    10. Repent new haircut

    Sometimes it happens. Not immediately after cutting, it can be spent at least one month. Especially If you go from long hair to short one&# 8230; Do not worry too much, the hair grows and also you can always add an accessory or add hair extensions.

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