High-waisted bikini: How do I use it? [PHOTOS]

High-waisted bikini: How to use ?. One of the models bikinis for this season's trend with high-waisted. The top of the bikini can be the way you want, but the lower part is a high-waisted pants. Why are successful both this type of bikinis? Because optically lengthen the legs, they stylize and conceal the tummy. Many celebrities like Taylor Swift or Gigi Hadid are fans of this kind of bikinis. Here we tell you how to use them and what models you will be better.

High-waisted bikinis or midkinis are very popular for a couple of seasons ago. This retro-style bikinis are and have their origin in the 50 Best actresses, models and pin up the time using this type of bikinis. Why are successful high-waisted bikinis? As we mentioned above, it is a model elongating legs, belly and cloaking shape the body.

When you go shopping high-waisted bikinis You have to keep several things in mind: first you try on bikinis unhurried escape testers with mirrors and lights. it's best to try it at home with natural light and in front of one of your mirrors. Depending on your body type you must choose one model or another. For example, if your body It has a rectangular shape you must use a bikini or light pastel colors, as these colors narrow waist. It is also a good option to choose a bikini that mark the waist with a belt or in some detail in that area as a steering wheel and will create certain curves. If your body is hourglass style, opt for high-waisted bikinis in dark tones or horizontal stripes. The prints can also be good for you. With these models you get a balance with waist area, which is the narrowest part of your body. Light colors like white are fine if your body is very athletic and lean, because the light colors tend to give more volume.

The midkinis or high-waisted bikinis lengthen legs. To achieve a double effect, uses a panty with high waist and hip exposed. Do not use style culotte panties or shorts, as well just get the opposite effect (make your legs look shorter). If you want to extend the top of the body, you can use bikini panties culotte style. If you are very thin, commitment bikinis with big prints or puckers, so you get more volume. If you have curves used with high-waisted bikinis strategic ruching and smooth color. If you want to add volume to the chest, push up bikinis commitment or filling, to collect the chest or if you have a lot, use a bikini with halter neckline. Where can you buy this type of bikinis? We advise you to take a look at the collections of bath Topshop, Asos and Modcloth.

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