Home remedies to strengthen the intestinal flora

Did you know that the state of the intestinal flora depends on our digestive health, our weight and even our emotional state? Let's see some simple and effective, Home remedies to strengthen the intestinal flora and investing in health.

The intestinal flora may suffer for many Causes, including prolonged treatment with antibiotics or corticosteroids and stress. Similarly, if your bowel movement is irregular, you suffer gases or are prone to intestinal fungi also pay special attention to their protection. The intestinal flora influences our general welfare. Although we usually think it is only related to digestive health, it can also influence our weight and our emotional state (mood swings). Repopulate it is important to take care of beneficial bacteria. How to strengthen the intestinal flora?

Remedies to restore intestinal flora

Let's see some simple remedies, natural Y home, you can include in your day to preserve the health of the intestinal flora:

  • Yogurt and plum jam: Yogurt is appreciated for its content live bacteria. Hence the recommendation of taking digestive health care a yogurt a day. For its part, the plum It is rich in pectin, kind of fiber which helps stimulate the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. Try them together is the best option. You can replace the plums jam strawberry jam, applesauce or fresh quince.
  • Banana breakfast cereals: The banana has a high content fructooligosacáridos, the fiber constituting the main food of the bacteria that are responsible for conducting fermentation. Taking this type of fiber increases absorption calcium and helps improve intestinal transit. It is also good to strengthen defenses gut and reduce the risk of colon cancer. A good way to incorporate this fruit to the diet is combined with breakfast cereals (whole grains) or oatmeal cookies.
  • whole grains: Combining the above, it is important to bet on whole foods, such as pasta, bread or rice. The shortage fibers refined flours and derivatives slows down bowel movement and increases the presence of harmful germs competing for food with good bacteria.
  • Tzatziki sauce: A type of Greek sauce yoghurt, cucumber, mint, garlic and lemon, which provides live bacteria and beneficial fibers for maintaining intestinal flora. You can replace the mayonnaise salads, for example, this sauce also is much more digestive.
  • Raw vegetablesMake a hole in foods to vegetables smoothies, a fruit, salads tomato and onion or endive and carrots helps make vitamins (B6 or K) that prevent overpopulation of harmful bacteria in the flora and accelerate intestinal transit.
  • Tea: He kombucha tea (Sold in health food stores) is a fermented tea with a high content of healthy intestinal bacteria. This probiotic drink increases energy levels and improves the well.

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