Dukan cruise phase: recipes for breakfast

Start your day when you are diet is by not skip breakfast. What recipes prepared in Dukan cruise phase? Let's see some simple suggestions culinary suggestions on how should be breakfast at this stage of dukaniano method.

Once the attack phase, we enter the cruise phase Dukan, a second stage in which some new features to the list of allowed foods are incorporated, so the menus will also be more varied. He oat bran It remains a major food at this stage (maximum 2 tablespoons a day), to which we can add wheat bran (a maximum daily tablespoon). We can also take fat dairy, and milk powder or linseed, among other foods.

Breakfast recipes Dukan cruise phase: sweet chocolate

To prepare this sweet recipe we need the following ingredients: Egg (1), milk powder (6 tablespoons) defatted cocoa (A tablespoon), liquid sweetener cooking (1 teaspoon), yeast (a teaspoon), liquid skimmed milk (a teaspoon). As simple as mixing all ingredients well and place in an ovenproof bowl. Bake for about 12-14 minutes.

Breakfast recipes Dukan cruise phase: cake

To prepare this cake we will need: oat bran (4 tablespoons) wheat bran (2 tablespoons), egg (Single whole), egg whites (4), cheese beaten 0% fat (4 tablespoons), skimmed milk powder (8 tablespoons), yeast (a teaspoon), defatted cocoa (2 tablespoons), liquid sweetener Y vanilla flavor. First, we beat the egg whites well and reserve in a separate bowl. In another bowl mix all remaining ingredients well and at the end, add the egg whites reserved. Placed in a container suitable for oven and cooked at temperature of 180 degrees for 30-35 minutes. And ready for breakfast.

Breakfast recipes Dukan cruise phase: Cupcakes

To prepare some delicious cupcakes need these ingredients: cheese beaten (0% fat, a tablespoon), oat bran (2 tablespoons), egg (1), skimmed milk powder (Three tablespoons), yeast (2 tsp), liquid sweetener Y vanilla flavor. In the bowl of a blender mix all ingredients well. Once the mixture must baking cupcakes, 200 degrees in the oven and for 15-20 minutes. We can decorate the cupcake, with a mixture prepared with coffee (teaspoon), skim milk powder and skimmed milk (3 tablespoons each).

Breakfast recipes Dukan cruise phase: cinnamon cake

These are the ingredients we need to prepare a cake flavored with cinnamon: I skimmed cheese beaten 0% fat (a tablespoon), egg (1), yeast (a teaspoon), sweetener to cook, skimmed milk powder (Three tablespoons), cinnamon and a teaspoon of defatted cocoa. All ingredients were mixed and placed in a bowl oven for 20 minutes (temperature 200 degrees). Cocoa can be suppressed.

Breakfast recipes Dukan cruise phase: crepes

For this recipe you need: Egg (One whole and two egg whites) skimmed milk (6 tablespoons) milk powder (3 tablespoons). Mix all ingredients, adding the whole egg last. List mixing, heat the pan, with a drop of olive oil, and we are making pancakes.

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