Recognizing a nail melanoma

both prevention as the early diagnostic Melanoma, the skin cancer more dangerous, it is in our hands. It is essential to be aware of changes that may occur in our skin, the largest organ of body but not always pay due attention.

With the emergence of any stain, lunar or injury that does not heal and make us suspect you should consult your doctor, especially if we find that changes size, shape or color. He melanoma It is a tumor that can appear anywhere on the body, such as in nail, denominating in this case ungual melanoma (Including turn within acral lentiginous melanomas). Tumors under the nail have a blue or blue-black coloration. It can affect both fingernails hands as the feet. Within fingers, the most affected are usually the thumb, index and middle. How do I recognize it? Let's see more closely what signs can alert us and what types of melanomas of this type.

The known rule ABCD Applied to recognize a melanoma skin can also be applied in the case of nails, although with some differences in what we observe. Thus, A corresponds to the age of incidence (generally between 50 and 70) and the skin color (white, black&# 8230;). B indicates the color of the streak or stain the nail. C refers to the change experienced this vein or line along the nail, and D correspond to the finger where it appears.

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