Games for weddings: the most fun ideas

Many details to consider when planning a wedding, and among them, games or activities for guests Have fun and party going in no time. Throughout the day you can propose many ideas that will make your wedding will be remembered for its originality. Memories a great day you can also collect photographs, those made by your guests if, for example, create a profile or account on social networks to go up photos of the day and the most original selfies. Surely then you will spend a long time looking at the pictures and rescuing the funniest moments.

What activities or games can propose the guests for this day? He dance It is a classic, but there are many other ways to make the day even more fun, with music as the protagonist also of some of the games we have collected.

Games for guests

We started with classical piñata, which we can fill what we want and where guests will enjoy like children to get open. There is another game that is marando trend and coming from the United States, is known as &# 8216; flip cup&8217; (Spinning cup) and which consists of two groups. Everyone has to drink from a cup, and when the first row do have to place the glass upside down only with the help of a finger. When it succeeds, will the next and so on until the last. Win fastest group placed the vessels.

And another game that kids will enjoy as is the Game Water Balloons or the classic game of questions and answers.

Music games

The music It may be the best way to break the ice and liven up the party. We can start with the play songs. Each table will be assigned a song, and when it starts ringing will get up and sing and dance. The guest table to do better the prize.

And speaking of music, a classic yet timeless, the karaoke, one of the funniest, and basically consists dare go on stage and sing. A game that began the couple should be that for the rest is encouraged.

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